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The Remnants consist of two major players, Ron Yapo and Mike Davison. These two guitar players met back in 1981. The two common vices they have is playing music. These two players finally grouped together to form a group called Rolling Thunder back in 1986. Ron played bass and Mike played lead guitar. They brought in Jim Magee as lead vocalist and Bob Tull as the drummer. During the course of the years, changes were made, Ron ended up playing rhythm guitar and lead vocals. Jim became the bass player. The group disbanded in 1988. Ron met up with Mike again in 1991 and formed another group called Black Road with drummer Greg Barnes. In 1994 they brought in Valerie Johnson, then formed the group "Stained Glass". For those of you locals, Valerie has made a name for herself in the music business playing with Janis Joplin's old group "Big Brother Holding Company", way to go Val! Also for the first time Ron and Mike incorporated a keyboard player, Mo Martinez. Mo currently has become the CEO and Founder of "ECO-CHALLENGE 2008" a non-profit organization designed to educate the public with ecological issues that impact us directly. This is pretty cool man, because he's getting to film eight female competitors who'll be racing from the peak of Mount Hood to the pristine shores of Astoria, Oregon leading into Earth Day weekend this April, 2008. And if we get the chance, we get to watch this on the National Geographic channel, now that's gotta be cool!! Also Mo's cool cuz he got to be buds with "Ricky Martin". and has been invited to join him for a jam in Puerto Rico. Within a year the group disbanded and everyone went their own way. Ron and Mike stuck it out together. In 1996 they brought in a bass player named Lee Wilson. He was known as the professor. By 1998 they incorporated Pistol Pete Boucher, then they were known as "Peat's Dragon". Before the year 2000, changes were being made again. In August of 2000, Lee Wilson passed away. Then our drummer Pete Boucher was going under the knife for back surgery. Mike and Ron were searching for the right drummer and bass player and every time a new musician became part of the band, we had to name a new band. In came Johnny Townsend, an excellent drummer from Lompoc. Johnny helped with some recordings and several gigs. Also Frankie Flea of "The Frankie Flea Band" came to join forces with our band to make our rhythm section strong. From 2000 to 2003 Frankie gave us ideas and fun during our practices and gigs. Unfortunatly Frankie passed away in the Summer of 2004. We decided to take a break, a 2 year break. We are now pleased to be a complete band with bass player Patrick Miller, total madman on four fat strings with much more musical experience than expected. Drumming is Don Pommerville, virtually a pounding machine without losing a beat. Within 3 years the band has become a unison of one turning the sprocket that can deliver true live music. Sorry, no computers or DJs are involved with our performances. We are out again teaching Rock n Roll the way it is suppose to be, raw and powerful. We are the storytellers to refresh the minds of those on how Rock and Roll really sounded like. To teach rock and roll history to the new generation of kids of all ages. Experience Vintage.



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