My Only Beatle Encounter

I guess I can say my only encounter with a Beatle was back in the summer of 1983 in Los Alamos, Ca.. It was rumoured that Paul McCartney and Michael Jackson were doing a music video. When I had heard that, I decided that I would hurry and get off work early to see if this was really happening, what could I lose, I was only 13 minutes away, and this town was out in the middle of nowhere, so off I go to follow a rumour. When I got there, there were a few people standing around, so I started asking them if the rumour was true. I could hear music coming out from inside a old Hotel, while the person I asked said that he had heard the same about one of the Beatles showing up. An hour passed then workers started lining the streets with lighting and sound equipment, then I said that "this is got to be happening". Sure enough more people started lining up that were in costume and all of a sudden Michael Jackson pops his head out of the 2nd story window to wave to everyone. By then there must of been about 100 people total that were outside, really not much for this type of star attraction, but I guess they kept the shoot pretty much in secret. So again we are all standing outside not knowing what was going to happen, all I wanted was a glimpse of Paul, and soon enough the crowd I was with started cheering and clapping and I was looking around to see who they were cheering for. It was Paul! Man he was right there in front of me, no more than 20 feet away, and he was acting surprised like who are these people clapping for. It was great, so then the movie crew started to clear some of the street so they could start shooting. The Video was "Say, Say, Say" and the scene they were shooting was the ending, right where they had just run out of the hotel from a fire and the Duo is giving Michael's sister Latoya her bouquet of flowers and leaving the hotel with Paul's wife Linda. They must have done that scene at least 12 times and it took about a hour. There was little happy moment during a break where Paul and Michael are singing a short song together, but I couldn't tell what they were singing, anyways there were in the back of the old car singing, clapping and swaying side to side. I guess that will be my only encounter with a remaining Beatle, but it was one of my most memorable times of my life. If anyone reads this and if you were there for that video, please e-mail me. I would like to share the memory.

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