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This Is Not Heaven

I've had this home page running now since 1996. It started out a homepage for Beatles resource. It all started out in Unix format. Wow, that was a challange, but it was fun. Okay about me, I'm working at UPS Teleservices, almost went back to driving a truck when they decided to give us a hefty raise. I guess I'll stick around longer. Yep, I drove Semi's for a while, then I was a Marketing Supervisor for a local agriculture company, till they laid me off, bums. All the kids are out of the house. We lost Puma: June 14th, 2001, Peanut: Feb 27th, 2009, and Cheeko: November 23rd, 2013. These were a major losses for us, boy, I never took a death seriously in all my years. To check more info on Peanut, google, "Peanut Yapo", I have a video of some info on youtube about his pancreatitis in dogs. Also we lost our second love Cheeko on I play music all the time, I'm in a band now called the "The Remnants" you could check that later. I'm a big Beatles fan as you can see. My wife Becky and I are big Los Angeles Laker fans and we root for The Anaheim Angels. Becky and I enjoy our Atrium that we put together in the front yard. Other than that, it is an everyday chore working staying alive and watching our diet and exercising. What a life! Can't wait for the Golden Years.

Puma Peanut Cheeko Bella Deebo

Atrium 2001

Atrium 2003

Atrium 2009

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